Dimplex Thermal Solutions (DTS) manufactures air-  and water-cooled chillers. DTS is a member of The Glen Dimplex Group of Ireland. The Glen Dimplex Group holds significant global market positions in domestic appliances, cooling, ventilation, and renewable energy solutions.

In more than half a century of international operations, Glen Dimplex has built a solid global business reputation winning customers trust with its brands, products, and people. With its dynamic portfolio of leading brands and low carbon technologies, the Glen Dimplex Group is strategically positioned to meet the market challenges of tomorrow.


GDTS was formed in 2006 by combining two premier chiller manufacturers with more than a century of experience: Koolant Koolers and Schreiber Engineering. Utilizing the experienced engineering traditions of Koolant Koolers and Schreiber Chillers, GDTS continues to provide both custom and standard chilling solutions. As an QMS-certified manufacturer, GDTS provides solutions for chilling applications in the dairy, food processing and packaging, machine tool, and medical imaging markets, among others.

Through a cooperative effort with Glen Dimplex Deutschland (GDD), the manufacturer of Riedel brand chillers, DTS brings a broad range of products, services and 24-hour support to the global market as well. Riedel products are internationally recognized as a specialist for laser equipment and heat exchangers, providing yet another level of support and capability to our clients, a benefit particularly important to our global customers.

Dimplex Thermal Solutions is located in Kalamazoo, MI, which is in southwestern Michigan between Chicago and Detroit. The manufacturing facility employs about 200 employees.

DTS is a member of The Association for Manufacturing Technology, American Welding Society, Brewers Association, Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Food Processing Suppliers Association, and Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance.

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