Sachin Dixit

Vice President of Sales and Strategic Marketing

Sachin Dixit is the Vice President of Sales and Strategic Marketing. Previously, Sachin was Director of Strategic Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer. In March 2016, Sachin came to us from Emerson Network Power-Liebert Precision Cooling.  Sachin has over 25 years of cross-functional experience in manufacturing, engineering, global program management, sales, marketing and strategic planning.

Sachin’s core competency is developing a deep understanding of customer and market needs for developing solutions that solve customer’s problems. Sachin brings a unique skill set of understanding internal capabilities, external market factors and cross functional leadership for developing and deploying strategic plans.

Sachin is passionate about STEM education and spends his spare time coaching a First Lego League robotics team.

Sachin has a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Pune University, Master in Marketing Management from the University of Mumbai, and an MBA specializing in Finance and Business Strategy from the University of Rochester, NY.