Where there is heat in an application, there is a need for process cooling. Dimplex Thermal Solutions (DTS) provides a complete range of thermal management solutions for process cooling. But one chiller size does not fit all applications. The professionals at DTS understand that. They know the importance of design and appropriate sizing of chillers, and work to customize a plan with ideal products for every customer to provide maximum performance and the best cooling solution for each unique operation.

DTS’ products have evolved over a period of 60 years through customer engagement in the industrial, food and beverage and medical imaging markets. Building strong partnerships with customers have led to innovative solutions and outstanding results. Customers using DTS products can save time, money and energy to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership. Used in a variety of markets, these outstanding design capabilities with proven application success make DTS a preferred global supplier of endless solutions for endless industries.

DTS chillers are designed as Standard Series, Custom Solutions and OEM-Specific. Please find a local representative or complete a RFQ for more information.