Standard, Portable, Closed-Loop Chiller (J Series)

Portable Chiller Design

1/8 to 2 Tons of Cooling
This standard indoor compact and portable model is perfect for standalone cooling needs. These economical chillers provide the perfect cooling solution for almost any application. Certain designs are even available to ship the next day. Learn more.


Standard Closed-Loop Chiller (S Series)

The Powerhouse of Proccess Cooling

3 to 20 Tons of Cooling 
This standard chiller is the quick, reliable solution. With indoor and outdoor designs, this line offers a range of voltage and flow options, making it easily adaptable to virtually any application. Learn more.


Customizable Closed-Loop Chiller (W-Series)

Robust, Customizable Platform

3 to 60 Tons of Cooling

Predesigned base that is highly customizable with many options to make this design fit your application needs. Learn more.

W Series

Recirculating Chiller (A Series)

Highly Customizable and Cleanable

2 to 60 Tons of Cooling
Designed to cool water-soluble oil, oils of all different viscosities and water applications. Filtration available, as well as pumps to provide tank recirculation. Learn more.

Drop-In Chiller (D Series)

No Clog and Cleanable

1 to 30 Tons of Cooling
Units are designed to sit in customer tank to minimize required footprint and eliminate clogging issues. Designed to cool oils and water-soluble oils. Learn more.

Modular Chiller (P Series)

Designed for Growth

5 to 60 Tons of Cooling
The pressurized chiller system, wateror air cooled, with integral pump, reservoir and header piping in each module provides a self-contained, yet scalable system. This uses a sealed and pressurized tank for better system efficiency. Learn more.

P Series | Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions