How A Process Chiller Works

Application-specific chilling technology.

Process chillers are not air conditioning chillers. Instead, our process chillers have the flexibility to meet unique industrial process cooling needs that are application specific and customizable to a facility’s unique needs.

Refrigeration and process fluid drive cooling.

We pair refrigeration and process fluid circuits to create precise cooling. Components are selected based on size and type to remove the amount of heat being produced and at the temperature required by the application. Customizable options including multiple pumps and cooling units and unique components.

How A Process Chiller Works (Spanish)

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About Redundant Chiller Design

Adjustable and on demand cooling capacity.

Our Koolant Koolers® brand chillers feature redundant designs that efficiently adjust the cooling capacity for a wide range of processes as well as process demands. When reliability is important, redundant systems provide confidence that the system will function every second of every day.

Proprietary wave design offers advantages.

Our proprietary wave design controls the capacity and ensures that no module, refrigeration circuit, or compressor is used more than another, extending the life of the chiller.

Modules can be built for any design specifications so the total capacity of the system is expandable and virtually limitless.

Redundant Chiller Design (Spanish)

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About Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions

Experience backed by excellence.

We are a global company with more than 60 years of expertise in thermal management systems. Based in Kalamazoo, Mich., the North American manufacturing center represents the renowned brands Koolant Koolers® and Riedel®, and is backed by 24/7, unparalleled global service and support.

The GDTS Advantage.

From food and beverage to medical and machinery, we partner with clients from a variety of industries to offer:

  • Expertly designed and manufactured equipment
  • Comprehensive, 18-month warranties
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Next day parts

About Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (Spanish)

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