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Service as a Partnership

As a full service chiller company, Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) is in a different league than other chiller companies — offering support for the life of our chillers. The GDTS service department is designed to care for all your needs from start-up assistance, to preventative maintenance, to spare parts, to phone support. GDTS can do it all.

The GDTS approach to complete customer care is proactive, ensuring that every chiller provides optimal, efficient cooling performance today and in the future. You are covered during every step of chiller ownership. Service packages are available that include commissioning services and preventative maintenance visit(s) and extensions of our industry-standard 18-month warranty.

As the largest process cooling manufacturer, GDTS is an experienced partner and works with your maintenance staff to be sure they fully understand the care and best practices for the chiller. Proper maintenance ensures not only the life of the machines but the quality of your process output.

With next-day parts available for thousands of components, the warehouse is stocked with the parts you need for regular maintenance or service replacement. Additionally, spare parts kits are available which contain critical key components that you can proactively maintain onsite to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Through component sales, preventative site visits, stellar warranty support and 24-hr phone access, GDTS demonstrates as a true partner to bring you the best possible outcome.