Dimplex Thermal Solutions strives to provide reliable and quality chillers. In some applications, reliability is critical for scanning images or ensuring equipment uptime to avoid financial and production losses. Reliability describes the ability of a system or component to function under certain conditions for a specified time. To design a chiller with high reliability, redundancy is used.

In some cases, redundant refrigeration circuits are necessary to avoid component failure, which can be achieved with our custom W Series chillers. The proprietary algorithm of the master controller intelligently rotates each compressor into lead position providing even and extended wear of the compressors and allowing for serviceability of unit without completely interrupting the system.

With our P Series design, this product is self-contained so each module is able to operate as a stand-alone chiller with the ability to add modules and a master controller as cooling capacity needs grow. The master controller intelligently rotates each compressor in each module into lead position providing even and extended wear of the compressors. Adding modules is adding redundant units which can provide uptime even when one module needs service and allowing for the expansion of cooling capacity as the need arises. Each module can be manually isolated so the system continues to operate at a partial cooling capacity instead of a complete system shutdown. 

If you are looking for reliability, Dimplex Thermal Solutions has the proven designs to meet your critical uptime requirements.

What is the value of Redundancy?

  • Critical uptime applications often benefit from the addition of redundant features
  • Ideal with varying heat loads
  • Longer component life
  • Easy expansion
  • Loss prevention
  • Peace of mind

Features of Redundancy

  • Quiet operation and energy efficient design
  • Removable panels – easily serviced with ready access to interior components
  • UL standard, CE and CSA available upon request
  • Remote monitoring package available

Typical Redundant Applications

  • Laser
  • Hydraulic
  • Welding
  • Printing Equip
  • Jacket Cooling
  • Food Processes
  • Battery Back-Up
  • Data Centers

**  Any Critical Uptime Applications  **

Modular Systems