Dimplex Thermal Solutions has designed several modular systems for applications that required efficient cooling for without any interruption for maintenance, such in critical uptime applications. Modular systems provide the peace of mind that several processes can be cooled by one central system.

Using the proprietary Wave Design System Intelligence, the modular system uses a specially designed controller to for efficient cooling and even wear on the components. This flexible design can be customized to expand for future growth.

The P Series offers the following features:

  • Self contained cooling modules (includes tank and pump)
  • Reservoir is not open to atmosphere so overhead piping cannot drain back.
  • Limitless Expand-ability (If Master control is moved to customer piping)
  • Fluid must be pumped into system
  • Fluid is sealed from the atmosphere so a continuous source of oxygen is not available which prevents algae and bacteria growth and continuous rusting.

Modular chillers with redundancy